Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Elgin taxi drivers could be forced to wear collars and ties

Click here to read a story I wrote about taxi drivers in Elgin who are angry at the proposal for them to wear collars and ties while working. It was published in The Sun.


  1. Well, oits a fact some of our cabbies are to say the least rather scruffy & give the impression they dont give a hoot Some dont even get out of the vehicle to help people with their luggage or messages I remember the days when cabbies were a lot more polite than today I think they should start to dress a more smartly with a clean shirt & clean Troos or a pair of nice Jeans I would fall short of been forced to have a tie Advice to the SOME SCRUFFY guys out there bring back the well dressed polite cabbie & the others will be left alone Your move !!

    1. Why say that annonymously ? You one of those drunken a holes that speews and shits all over folks taxis on a saturday night ? Derek Macdonald, Bishopmill.